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Sew-Cool Separates

In the Beginning. . .

It’s hard to remember exactly how this all began. I’ve been a knitter since my teen years and even made several adult-sized cable sweaters for myself and my husband. But experience proved that despite all my good intentions, I could never make a human sweater fit well. 
Still, I loved fiber arts and continued to purchase yarn and experiment with knitting complex cable designs and Fair Isle (working designs with two or more colors at once).
One can only knit so many test swatches and afghans, and my dissatisfaction with my lack of challenging projects led me to knitting doll sweaters—a way to experiment on a small scale and yet to complete a project at the same time.
Tyler, eBay, & Doll Designs
Though I had a collection of a few Barbies (which I claimed were for my niece), discovering the 16 inch Tyler supplied me with the perfect sized doll—small enough for design experimentation, but large enough for more realistic detail.
I purchased my first Tyler doll on eBay, which provided my first exposure to artists selling their One-of-a-Kind outfits for her.  It was only a matter of time before I had a small inventory of sweaters & posted my first eBay sales.
Sew-Cool Separates
As I prepared for that first sale, I noticed that outfits on eBay seemed to sell for more than sweaters alone.  So, for my first auction I sewed some simple short skirts (and one pair of denim pants) to coordinate with the sweaters.  Little did I imagine then how much my "Separates" would contribute to my web business.

Early Designs

My Very First eBay Sales--
Experimental knitting & photography,
but we've all got to start somewhere!  :)

Beige Aran with Denim Skirt
(Experimenting with cables)


Blue Wool Aran
(Tight, but I was thrilled
with the detailed pattern! )


Blue Wool Cowl Neck
White Skirt


Blue Cotton Turtleneck
Denim Mini Skirt


Sleeveless cotton Turtleneck
& Denim pants
(my first try at Fair Isle)


Beige Wool Turtleneck
Corduroy Skirt


By my second auction, I was brave enough to branch out and try different separates to match with my sweaters, developing patterns for a long skirt with a kick pleat and experimenting with my first pair of denim jeans.  I also found my sweaters fitting better, and though the most expensive outfit sold for only $27, this batch included my most elaborate Aran design.

My Second Auction--
Nicer Sweaters, More "Bottom" Variety,
Slightly Better Photography

Rust V-Neck Aran
Denim Jeans


Sporty Off-the-Shoulder Sweater
Denim Skirt


Lacy Cream Wool V-Neck
Black Moleskin Skirt


Red Aran Turtleneck
Flowing Floral Skirt


Zig-Zag Cardigan
& Jeans Skirt


Cream Aran Turtleneck
Ultrasuede Skirt
This is it--my most complex
Aran design ever!


Brown Mohair Aran &
Black Denim Skirt


Striped Mohair Sweater
& Moleskin Skirt


I just have to have appreciation for those first bidders who purchased my outfits on eBay.  Over time my work and photography has become more professional, but occasionally I like to remember where I came from. . . :)
More recent designs can be found in my Gallery sections.

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