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The Colvin Jeans

Sew-Cool Separates

Though sweaters started my business, jeans have made it what it is today.
My very first Tyler jeans had white topstitching and no waistband.  But even in that first edition my love for detail came through, and both front and back pockets were fully functioning.
It turns out there was a demand for jeans for Tonner dolls, and when knitting began to bother my hands, jeans took over as my main seller.
Just for fun, here is a comparison of those first jeans with my most recent version, with key pocket, belt loops, belt & little rivets. 

Then. . .


And Now. . .


Then. . .


And Now. . .


Then. . .


And Now. . .


Here are a few of the intermediate versions of the jeans.

An attempt at a lower rise


And the refined version. . .


Even some jeans for Matt. . .


And Finally. . .



I could never keep up with the demand for Tyler jeans, even sewing batches of 20 or 30 at a time (at three and a half hours per pair. . .).  After almost a year of working with an Asian manufacturer to perfect the prototype I received my shipment of partially manufactured jeans from China in October of 2006.  The original white & blue colors for Tyler sold out, along with my jeans for Matt (manufactured 2008).  I also sold out of the Tyler batch manufactured in 2011.  Most recently, I've had skirts & jeans made for 14" Kish Chysalis dolls, as well as some made for Dianna Effner's 13" Little Darlings.  I'm heading towards making jeans for Kaye Wiggs dolls.  We shall see what the future holds, but the "Colvin" jeans have continued to be the staple of my home business.