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Favorite Links

Sew-Cool Separates


Kish-Chrysalis Yahoo Group

This group is a fun place to meet other collectors and see pictures of their dolls & designs.

Little Darlings Yahoo Group

Another Yahoo group focusing specifically on Dianna Effner's 13" Little Darling Studio dolls.


Prego--"Sydney's Coffee Bar"--Doll Board

If you want to be dolly-enabled, find great deals, see great pictures, and meet great people, come to Prego!

Shari's Doll Chat

Prefer chatting to posting?  Come to chat dolls--16 inch, BJD (ball-jointed), Riley-sized.

Riley Hugs and Kishes

"Riley Hugs & Kishes" is a sweet discussion board with pictures & fun focused on Riley.  If you have questions or are looking for Riley outfits, check or post on this site!


A place to view & order the precious 13" Little Darling Studio dolls.  Well worth the wait!

Barlee makes lifelike, poseable, wool-felted sculptures of any breed of dog.  Great pets for the 16 inch dolls, great pets for Riley!

American Doll Outfitters--Fashion & Photography

This site features the artistry of a husband and wife team.  Elizabeth is the talented seamstress, and Frank is the incredible photographer.


Affordable Designs by Denis Bastien

Denis sells patterns for Gene & Trent, Tyler & Matt, Ball-Jointed Dolls, Riley, and Bitty Bethany.  His LEEANN doll has enjoyed success since her arrival--and he is just one of the nicest guys you'll find in the dolly world!

I always love seeing what the creative minds at Daniel Bingham are coming up with, & enjoy their blend of knitwork and sewing (very close to my own heart).  They used to have a "pattern of the month club" with detailed, clear instructions and other patterns just to purchase individually, but now just have their archived patterns still available to look at and purchase.

Magalie Houle Dawson makes clear & detailed patterns for a variety of dolls including Ellowyne and the 14" Kish Chrysalis dolls.