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Repaint Credits

Sew-Cool Separates

Josh (a Matt repaint) by Heejong Kim, Landree (a Glinda repaint) by Deb Sprouse, and Phoebe (a Riley repaint) by Deb Sprouse
Picture featured in Haute Doll July/August 2006

Adison & Emma--Repaints of Tonner's
Chase Model Ashleigh & Kish's Riley, both by Deb Sprouse.

Bridget--Repaint of Effanbee Daphne
by Tamara Casey of Designs by Jude

Phoebe--Riley Repaint by Deb Sprouse

Maggie--Kit Repaint by Vanessa Tull

Brenna--Suzette Repaint by Jenise Mah

Serena--a Cami Repaint by Laurie Leigh