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About Me

Sew-Cool Separates

Who is Sew-Cool Separates?

My name is Becky Colvin.  My specialties are jeans & tee shirts, followed by hand-knit sweaters (with both cable & fair isle designs) and knitting patterns.

The dolls I create for include several dolls designed by Robert Tonner including Tyler Wentworth, Matt O'Neill, and Ellowyne Wilde.  I also enjoy designing for Helen Kish's little Riley, Bitty Bethany, and 14" Chrysalis dolls, as well as Heidi Plusczok's Candy.  A recent addition to my doll fleet are the Little Darling dolls by Dianna Effner.

I am a teacher by training, but my doll business and my hard-working nurse husband have made it possible for me to be a mom & artisan right now.  My son Jeremy is 9 and in third grade this year.  Though I enjoy my business, being Mom is my first job description. 

This is a picture of the two of us at Crater Lake.  Jeremy did a study of the National Parks & we had a field trip with his school.  Note the zipper pull.  Unlike my dolls, I am not always perfectly outfitted.  :)

I'm finding life more and more busy as Jeremy grows, but I still try to carve out a little creative time for myself daily & look forward to sewing and knitting as well as continuing the friendships begun through the internet.

Click here to read about Jeremy's miraculous entrance into our family through adoption.  Disclaimer--it's long, and it's told from a very Christian perspective--but I really can't tell it right any other way!