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Tyler & Ellowyne Knitting Patterns

Sew-Cool Separates

International Shipping

I sell my patterns in two formats--PDF and hard copy. If you'd like your pattern quickly and have a good printer, the PDF pattern will be emailed to you when I receive the payment (usually within a few hours, definitely within 1 day). If you don't mind the wait or don't have a good printer, the hard copies would be the choice for you.
Use the "Buy Now" button on each individual description to add the PDF version to your cart. You may purchase the "Hard Copy" printed versions using the drop-down menu below.
You may pay using PayPal (email for an invoice or use the "Add to Cart" buttons) or send check or money order to:
Becky Colvin
20775 Amber Way
Bend, OR 97701
As long as you have Adobe Reader on your computer, you should be able to save, view, and print the patterns, which I will email when I receive your payment.

Because of the steep rise in prices, if you are an international buyer, choose your number of items and click the International Shipping "add to cart" button below. It will add a $4 or $6 surcharge to your purchase, which is still a discounted price from what I pay. If you don't pay shipping, I may choose to refund your purchase price and cancel your order.

Hard Copy Patterns

PDF Booklets (One or two patterns--
generally 5-10 pages long, sent via email)--$7.50

Click on any title for a detailed description of the book or booklet and more pictures of the sweaters or projects.

Click on any picture for a larger view of the picture.

**NEW**--"Trendy Tunic-TW"--Cable Sweater for Tyler & friends--$7.50



"Warm & Wintry"--Fair-Isle Dress for Tyler & friends--$7.50


"Cowl-Neck Mini"--Belted Dress for Tyler & friends--$7.50


"Elegant & Interwoven"--Aran Turtleneck for Tyler & friends--$7.50


"Crossover Collar Aran"--Shawl Collared Sweater for Tyler & friends--$7.50


"Beautiful Braids"--Fitted Dress or Sweater for Ellowyne - $7.50


"Classy Cardigan" Cabled Coat for Tyler or Ellowyne-$7.50


"Dashing Diamonds"--Zip-Front Aran Cardigan for Ellowyne or Tyler - $7.50


"Fabulous Fair Isle" Yoked Sweater for Tyler or Ellowyne-$7.50


"Light & Lacy"--Knitted Lace Tank for Tyler or Ellowyne - $7.50


"Refined Ruffles"--Fitted Dress or Blouse for Ellowyne or Tyler - $7.50


"Trellis & Twists"--Cabled Turtleneck sized for Ellowyne - $7.50


"Yoking Around"--Cabled Yoke Sweater for Tyler or Ellowyne-$7.50


"Free Dress Pattern for Tyler or Ellowyne"

One of the things I like least about knitting is finishing work--working in the ends, sewing seams, etc.

I worked up this pattern for a cap-sleeved dress for Tyler or Ellowyne, which has the least finishing work possible--One yarn end at the beginning, & one at the end. 

I never took a picture of the finished work, so you might call it a "mystery dress!"  :)

Thanks to Kate, I can now show the basic shape created by the dress.  She knitted it in a variegated yarn, and added a flounce at the hem.

Click on the title above--"Free Pattern for Tyler or Ellowyne" to go to the pattern PDF.